Personal Project

Design, Branding, and Packaging

Barrier Sunscreen

Barrier is a bold new approach to Eco-Friendly Sunscreen. With no skin bleaching and guaranteed sun protection, take back your freedom and fun on the beach. 

Save your skin, and save the reefs.  

Barrier began with the personal challenge of creating an Eco-Friendly, high quality mineral sunscreen product. I choose the name Barrier for both the barrier that sunscreen makes to protect your skin from the sun, and the Great Barrier Reef representing the Eco-Friendly nature of the product. The colors of the product were chosen from coral and beach hues that also give off a bold and new-age aesthetic of fun and relaxation. An abstract coral logo was chosen from numerous sketched designs, and inspired the rest of the design choices from fonts to packaging. Ultimately, Barrier is a clean and bold sunscreen that inspires fun and freedom for all ages.