"I have always

expressed myself

through visual creativity"


I specialize in digital media design including:

  • Photography and Videography

  • Graphic Design and Branding

  • Drone Footage

  • 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering

  • Web Development

I can help improve how your company communicates its message in an increasingly visual and digital world.

B.S., Interactive Media, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

My Story

In 2016 I left for Worcester Polytechnic Institute to study Interactive Media and Digital Art for Video Games and Movies. I was always interested in art and design, and the accessibility and advancements of technology while I was in High School afforded me the exciting chance to pursue digital art, free from limitations and full of easy, iterative tools. I have always expressed myself through visual creativity, and saw games and movies as a chance to continue that passion.

However, during my time at WPI, I slowly fell in love with many other fields of digital art, including: Photography, Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing, and Modeling. During my studies, I was fortunate to have multiple opportunities to study abroad, both for two weeks working on sustainable development in Central Europe, and for two months working on Sustainable Education in Namibia, Africa. Working in such new environments gave me an appreciation for a collaborative and ever-changing workplace, and imbued a love of travel and visual communication. 

Coming back from Namibia, I worked to narrow down how I wanted to turn my art and design into a career. The fast paced and ever evolving nature of study abroad inspired me to pursue a career that affords me opportunities to constantly experiment, iterate, and grow with new projects in a fast-paced social environment. Whether photography, graphic design, or other digital mediums, I work to bring a fresh, creative, and effective collaborative solution to any project or design.

I am open to either freelance, agency, or permanent work.

Contact me at either wsrgaddis@gmail.com or call (978) 578-7041